• Womb, Breast, & Full Body Massage

  • Cupping

  • Yoni Steaming

  • Reflexology

  • Sensual Sound Baths

  • Feminine Flow/Activation Coaching

  • Teaching Artist

  • Conscious Sexuality Education

  • Workshop/Retreat Facilitation

  • Wellness Curriculum

  • Essential Oils Education


A healthy woman is juicy & vibrant, magnetic & alluring, free & unbridled!

Her health is her wealth!






My mission is to support the feminine in her awakening to her power. Women are keepers of community and culture. We always have been. It is my vision to help restore this truth within women by reconnecting us with our sensuality and heart power. This is foundational to the overall health of women and humanity.

Feminine health and wellness is personal but also a collective action. It is specific to women but beneficial to the whole. Everything is interconnected. When the women heal, humanity heals. We must be committed to taking care of and loving ourselves as much as we must be committed to loving and caring for each other. It starts with the women - with sensual, healthy, heart expanded women.

At the Feminine Wellness Boutique we do 'Women's Work'. This is a practice that is feminine centric and holistically focused for addressing women’s health issues. It allows for multiple ways of addressing health issues unique to the female anatomy by offering female specific modalities like yoni steams, breast massage, womb massage, and more. These modalities have been known to help assist women in treating chronic bacterial infections, breast lumps, pain and lumps in the womb, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, oligomenorrhea, hypomennorhea, and PMS.


We do not fully understand the technology of our sexual anatomy.

We do not fully understand the technology of our sexual anatomy.

Sacred Sex Education is the integration of sex and spirituality. It’s an ancient practice derived from times when society revered and honored nature and her cycles as well as female divinity and mother worship. This is a foreign concept today because our society is deeply steeped in patriarchy, reverence of men as the head of family and the center of divinity. Patriarchy has also taught us to house sex and sensuality outside of ourselves as only a practice used for procreation and pleasure within the institution of marriage.

Sex is sacred when we acknowledge the divinity in ourselves and our partners and when we engage in the act with deliberate intention to connect and communicate beyond words. Sexual energy is spiritual energy, is creative energy and thus can be used to heal, manifest, for transmutation, personal alchemy, and more.


Sacred sex education seeks to re-inform and shift the perspective of sex from one tied to shame, guilt, taboo, and perversion to one that includes sex as an act of love, the embrace of pleasure, and a dance in bliss. These are fundamental attributes of a joyous, abundant life and the ingredients to heaven on earth. Sex is the way we all came to the planet. It is the most natural act known to humanity yet the act of which many are offended, traumatized, or seduced by deviancy.

We can change this reality and thus change the course of humanity by practicing sex and sensuality as a medium of heart intimacy, communication, and connection.