Female Sexual Anatomy

Starts Thursday, September 3, 2015 @9pm EST

"When you're fully sexually liberated nothing can control you!"

'Female Sexual Anatomy', a telecourse is back!!

There is a strong cry for women to wake up and reclaim our power and ourselves.

 We have traded in our power for "security", for "protection", for nice houses, money, cars, and bullshit! We gave away our spiritual power and took on the ways of those who seek to colonize nature, the divine, ancestral wisdom, magic, alchemy or all that is also known as Women's Spirituality.

How do we retrieve ourselves? By staying committed to rediscovering ourselves and living in the fullness of our humanity and our divinity.

The Divine Mother wants to help us reclaim ourselves, our men, our children, and the planet (nature).

YOUR SEXUALITY IS THE ROOT OF YOUR POWER because see, it's about much more than just sex but is also about everything that is sex!

In this course we explore our anatomy, the chakras as they correlate to our anatomy, the endocrine system (hormones) and its role within the quality of our sexual health. Please, for the sake of the work we must do to heal ourselves join me for 'Female Sexual Anatomy'.

New classes start every 6 weeks!

The course is 4 weeks long by telephone and will be recorded...