How to Make Your Fears Work for You - Dark Goddess Course


How to Make Your Fears Work for You - Dark Goddess Study
Monday nights!

You must be willing to face your entire self if you want to walk in the light.

What many in this work do not understand is we must face our darkest dark to walk in the light.

Earth is the place where Angels dare not tread. It is spiritual boot camp.

The original sin is the work we come here to do so that we may free ourselves from the cycle of reincarnation.

It is delusional to think prayer and bible scriptures, meditation and yoga, or whatever it is you do to keep your personal demons and the demons of others at bay will save you. You must face the dark.

Religion teaches us darkness and evil are the same when in fact they are not.

Darkness represents the parts of ourselves, conscious and unconscious, we deny, keep hidden, are ashamed of and/or feel guilty about.

In this class we will explore goddesses throughout time and cultures who represent the dark as a way to clarify our own darkness. Mythology is a tool for discovering that from which we hide while also validating it.

Highly respected psychotherapist Carl Jung believed “myths and dreams were expressions of the collective unconscious, in that they express core ideas that are part of the human species as a whole. In other words, myths express wisdom that has been encoded in all humans, perhaps by means of evolution or through some spiritual process.”

This class meets 4 times, once a week.

You will get a recording of each class so you will always have it. This also allows you the flexibility of taking the course without being physically present.

Be the end of the class you will have learned:

  • What it means to face your own darkness otherwise known as fear, shame, guilt, trauma.
  • Why it’s important to your personal expansion and everything you do to face your own darkness
  • The difference between darkness and evil
  • Dark Goddess throughout time and cultures and what they represent, i.e. Black Madonna, Kali Ma, Oya, Lilith, Sekhmet and others.

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