Intro Sacred Sex - Monday, June 6th, 2016 - 7pm EST


What is the difference between making love and f*#king? Are your sexual encounters nourishing or depleting you? What do you know about sex beyond the mechanics? Is sex apart of your wellness regimen? Do you understand the role it plays in your overall well being?

This 4 week webinar explores the benefits of integrating sex into your life as a tool for wellness.

Take a journey with us. Learn why and how sex is sacred. Integrate the divine every time you make love.

Turn love making into a spiritual practice. Learn how sex is a tool for healing, manifestation, transmutation, and more! Join me for 4 weeks of illuminated bliss.

There are 4 classes, one each week starting Monday, 8/24th at 9pm EST to 10:30pm. Each class will be recorded and distributed to attendees.

$75, couple, $125