Spiritual Hygiene 101: I Call My Power Back To Me

This is a 1 hour webinar/workshop about spiritual hygiene and protection.

Humanity is deeply immersed in a mass evolution and awakening. Spirituality and its practices are becoming trendy. People are finding ways to commodify it and lead people down very dangerous paths in the interim.

We are all spiritually inclined in that we all possess a spirit. But there's a lot of confusion about how to properly manage your awakening. Some of us don't know what's real and what's fake and this can be harmful.

In this webinar I'll give you basic tools
to help navigate this special time we're living in, tools to help you anchor and protect yourself from misleading energies and people.

Only $50
Class will be recorded if you can't make it.

Pay via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/thebeautykween

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