Destiny Love Card Readings


Destiny Love Card Readings

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Destiny Love Card readings are some of the MOST accurate relationship readings I've ever encountered.

Each card of the 52 card deck was assigned to each day of the year so, we all have what is called a birth card but also another card influenced by the earth called the planetary ruling card. For example mine is the 6 <> (diamonds) and the 10 <3.

Your cards and your partners cards are configured by the influences of all 9 planets including the moon resulting in 7 connections. These 7 connections speak to the blessings, love, hardships, etc. of the relationship.

Case and point: From his perspective, my lover and I have the potential to be deeply in love because our first connection is a Venus (unconditional, romantic love) connection followed by a Mars (passion, great sex, creativity, and/or fighting) connection. This connection lets us know we have a dynamic that calls for us to stay active together or we will fight but it ensures great passionate sex.

Our third connection is Neptune (higher octave of Venus - deep spiritual/psychic connection, fantasy, romance, dreamy). He is Neptune to me, which means our connection is deep but I have to guard against seeing him the way I want to see him instead of the way he truly is.

Our fourth connection is a Jupiter connection, which is all about expansion and abundance. He's Jupiter to me, which means he enjoys giving to me and expanding my life.

Our fifth connection is Uranus. I am Uranus to him, which speaks to our past life connection as well as unconditional acceptance of each other. Uranus is all about friendship and accepting each other as you are but can also be a connection that is confusing to one or both partners. Because I am Uranus to him, I often confuse the hell out of him and he has to work on accepting me as I come instead of closing down and judging me.

There is more but I'm going to stop there. These readings are a perfect way to gain insight about the dynamics but most of all the potential of any relationship. It lets you know what you're working with so you can make empowered decisions. This is helpful because sometimes it seems people in our life are just trying to be challenging or they appear to be drama. That's not always the case. There might be a Saturn or Pluto connection of which both speak to hard but rewarding lessons. Saturn is the teacher and Pluto is all about death and destruction to rebuild/rebirth new and better.

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