An open heart


healthy BODY

are foundational to Feminine wellness


The Activated Woman Retreat™ - JamaiCA

An Activated Woman is a woman who walks in the world with an open and expansive heart. She's turned on and connected, knows LOVE is her guide and shield. She is committed to actualizing and becoming her best self. Her emotions are navigators; they do not control her. She is sexually confident and uses sex as a tool for healing and manifestation. She knows her sensuality is one of her GREATEST utilities! She is a Force yet Grace is a gift she extends to others.

Women give birth to the world. Everything that exists within the human experience is so because a woman gave birth to it, directly or indirectly. We are responsible for so much and the weight of that responsibility can feel more like a burden than gift. Women are often quantified by struggle and the baring of burdens, the overcoming of obstacles and the enduring of challenges.

We're so much more!

To be a woman is to feel, to be filled up and turned on, awakened to the world with full capacity to absorb deliciousness. It is the birthright of women to fully experience joy and profound peace. It is our right to know we create our realities from the inside out. Simply, if we want the world to heal, women must heal. We must heal ourselves as the world is only a reflection of the state of women.

The Activated Woman Retreat explores tools and rituals to access the innate magic of the feminine principle and the expression of the female body as we must be "turned on" so that we may be "tuned in".

We Explore:

why Yin wins!

the receiving nature of women

the bigger your joy, the stronger your magnetism

sacred sexuality

why orgasms?

female sexual anatomy

 Give yourself permission to experience deep and expansive healing during this 7 day, 6 night retreat in Jamaican Paradise!

Retreat also includes:
* Yoni Steams
* Yoni Eggs
*Waist Beads

***Only $,1800***

Price includes:
Accommodations 6 nights, 7 days
Breakfast and dinner
Daily Yoga
2 Spa Treatments
Daily workshops
Yoni Steam
Yoni Egg
Transportation to and from resort

Resort accommodates special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, etc.
All food is fresh and comes from local farmers and some from their own organically grown garden.

Jackie’s offers lunch, however it is not included in the day rate. Resort also has a juice bar with smoothies, fresh juices, flower teas etc.

Flights should arrive to Montego Bay Airport.
Try google flights for good rates.

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