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Sacred Energy Xchange

“Where Sexuality Meets Spirituality”

Divine Activation

The Sacred Art of the Female Orgasm

Purpose: To explore the depths of the female orgasm.

Join S.A.G.E. Sisterhood and a panel of specialists for a playful, passionate and real conversation about The Sacred Art of the Female Orgasm. The panel will share a wealth of sexual knowledge and answer audience questions. Men and women will have the opportunity to dialogue openly about the intricate ins and outs of when, where, and how women climax, as well as how we can get the most out of our sexual encounters.

Sex is so much more than people realize. It's a sacred exchange of energy that ignites all forms of creation. In this panel discussion, we will focus on the female orgasm and the part it plays in the energy exchange as a receptor and conductor. Women will learn how to tap into their inner Goddess and men will learn to assist them in doing so. In this society, women have been taught to associate fear and shame with expressing their sexuality, but there is so much power in the yoni. We need to unleash our Divine Feminine Energy and Let that Yoni Free!!

We have an amazing line-up of panelists, hosts, and erotic poets. There will be food, vendors, and a safe space to express yourself. If you’re ready to release negative energy from social conditioning that’s holding you back from experiencing all the pleasure you deserve and transmuting that energy into your everyday life, you can’t afford to miss this event.

When we break the chains of sexual taboos, Sexuality and Spirituality can exist in Harmony...

Online Pre-registration is $20 or $25 at the door

Vending and sponsorship is available. Booths are $50. Please contact or call 562-206-9408 for more info.