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The Activated Woman Retreat™ - L.A.

This Autumn Equinox, give yourself permission to experience deep expansion while connecting with like-minded women at the Activated Woman Retreat™.

Retreat includes:
* Yoni Steams
* Yoni Eggs
*Waist Beads
***INVESTMENT... Only $350*** (payment plans available)

Price includes:
2 night, 3-day accommodations
2 meals & snacks
Daily yoga/movement
Yoni steam, Yoni egg, Waist beads


An Activated Woman is a woman who walks in the world with an open and expansive heart. She's turned on and connected, knows LOVE is her guide and shield. She is committed to actualizing and becoming her best self. Her emotions are navigators; they do not control her. She is sexually confident and uses sex as a tool for healing and manifestation. She knows her sensuality is one of her GREATEST utilities! She is a Force yet Grace is a gift she extends to others.

Women give birth to the world. Everything that exists within the human experience is so because a woman gave birth to it, directly or indirectly. We are responsible for so much and the weight of that responsibility can feel more like a burden than a gift. Women are often quantified by struggle and the bearing of burdens, the overcoming of obstacles and the enduring of challenges.

We're so much more!

To be a woman is to feel, to be filled up and turned on, awakened to the world with the full capacity to absorb deliciousness. It is the birthright of women to fully experience joy and profound peace. It is our right to know we create our realities from the inside out. Simply, if we want the world to heal, women must heal. We must heal ourselves as the world is only a reflection of the state of women.

The Activated Woman Retreat explores tools and rituals to access the innate magic of the feminine principle and the expression of the female body as we must be "turned on" so that we may be "tuned in".

We Explore:

the power of woman as first cause, teacher, and lawgiver

the power of personal bliss for magnetism

sacred sexuality

the health benefits of sensuality & orgasmic potential

what it means to be sexually liberated for better or otherwise...

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